Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live and Let Die!

Not much to say really. I am in the process of moving my other blog (Xanga) over here. I haven't announced it over there just yet, but when I do I will be posting on Blogger exclusively. Continuing to "practice" and "prep" this site for its debut. Just posting to post, primarily. Which is usually a negative in my eyes. I hate it when people post just to say "I'm here!" Nevertheless, I'm here!

This guy looks like he's been having fun this summer. He has the guts to do what every one of us as kids have thought about doing. Attaching a bunch of balloons to a lawn chair and letting them take us up, up and away!! Read the article. It's pretty amazing.

Here's some pictures for the fun of it. The summer is going quite well, and here's the proof:

Mindy Owens

Three Unhappy Ladies

There's Something Out There!

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