Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wild Mountain Nation

  1. In case you were unaware. We did return from Chicago. We had an absolute blast. I did take lot's of pictures. Over 500 to be exact. It is time consuming to upload pictures and whatnot. Due to this fact, I have uploaded only over 200 of these pictures. If you wish to see them what I have so far, check out my Flickr site here. When I post the others, I'll let you know.
    John Hancock Building At SunsetJust The 4 of UsJumping At The BeanShine OnSave The Planet!
    The Chicago CrewAhoy!
  2. This summer has been flying by for me.
  3. There was a shooting in Neosho on Sunday at a church. It's actually been on the national news the last couple of days. In fact the way I heard about it was because Ryan called me wanting to know what was going on in Neosho. I was out of town, so I missed out on all the action.
  4. The St. Louis Cardinals haven't had much to cheer about this season. So it's been nice to see Rick Ankiel, a former washed up pitching phenom, make a comeback as an outfielder and actually play pretty well. He's hit 3 home runs in his first 4 games, and has been hitting for average as well.
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  5. Speaking of baseball. Barry Bonds finally became the home run king since we last spoke. I wasn't too happy about that. Come to think of it, I'm still bitter. I'm going to move on...
  6. David Lee Roth and Van Halen are together again. They begin touring next month. Okay, I don't really care.
  7. Is it really 2:33 AM as I type this? Yes, it is. I was exhausted from a long weekend of traveling around and hanging out with the lady friend, that I decided to take a "little nap" (so I told myself) shortly after I got back from work. That nap led to a marathon slumber. Next thing I knew it was nearly one in the morning and I was waking up and ready to go! Not cool. This is going to mess with my sleeping habits...
  8. I really have nothing more to say. I think I'll lie back down and "take a nap" before I have to get up and go to work at 5:30. Until next time, stay classy.

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