Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Festivus For The Rest of Us!

Festivus yes! Bagels no! Festivus is the holiday for the rest of us. Technically, I'm late for Festivus. It is to be celebrated every December 23rd. Yet on this day, the 25th, I thought I would go ahead and post on it.

Frank Costanza is credited with creating the holiday of Festivus. In case you are not familiar with Festivus, you can learn a little about it here.

Basically it's a celebration involving an aluminum pole, an airing of grievances you may have against someone, which then culminates into the feats of strength (a wrestling match). You exchange gifts, but only of things you do not want and that you are pretty sure the recipient would not want either. With all the good cheer surrounding us these days, it's nice to have a holiday like Festivus. I mean, how often is an accepted practice for you to list the disappointments you have with someone and then read them aloud for them to think about?

Then, there's the Festivus Fruitcake!
"Corn Cob" Lankford and the Jelmore's in the legendary feats of strengths.
Corn Cob Takin' On The Brothers' Elmore

So buy a pole, make it stand up, and your party is good to go. I hope everyone has a happy Festivus!

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