Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Say No To Bad Days

It's a bad day.
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“Most of the time it was probably real bad being stuck down in a dungeon. But some days, when there was a bad storm outside, you'd look out your little window and think, 'Boy, I'm glad I'm not out in that.'" ~ Jack Handey (yeah, I just quoted Jack Handey and his Deep Thoughts)

This morning I got into my truck and headed toward work. I knew it was going to be a bad day. I usually wake a good hour before I have to leave, but this morning I had hit the snooze button a few times too many. I had no time to prepare for the day. Half way there I decided it wasn't going to be a bad day. It was going to be a challenging day. Things were going to be tough, but it didn't have to be bad.

Turns out the day wasn't bad at all. It was a bit challenging at times, but things for the most part fell into place much easier than I had anticipated.

We do that to ourselves often. We think and worry ourselves into a bad day. We shouldn't.

Instead of filling your mind with worry of what might be, why not take care of the things that are? It's a lesson I've had to learn as I've grown older and one I suspect many need to learn.

In today's environment of media frenzy over this crisis and that, it can be easy to get caught up in the panic. Don't. Be concerned about the things you can control and the things that are. Worrying about all the rest will only distract you. It is useless.

Just say no to bad days.

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Chris McDaniel said...

My day started like this on Tuesday. Too many Snoozes, the outlook just wasn't good.

Like you, I decided it was going to be a good day - so I called in sick and stayed home.

What a great day it turned out to be!

Andrew Weaver said...

I think you missed the point, Chris.

mybluevan said...

I seem to be having far too many "bad" days lately. I'll have to give your method a try and take control of the day. Thanks for the help.