Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are You Shrugging Your Shoulders?

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What happens when you approach an issue with, “It is what it is”? Ultimately, everyone shrugs their shoulders and everything stays the same. You’re indicating there is no room or desire for change. After all, it is what it is.

Instead of creating a culture where people are tempted to shrug off issues or problems, create a culture that sees no impossibilities. Encourage your employees to be problem solvers and then give them the tools and information to solve problems. Cultivate your employee service and watch those positive vibes be passed on to your customer service.

Do all that you can to avoid creating a culture where everyone is just shrugging their shoulders and coming to work for their paycheck. If you're already in a culture where this is taking place, it's time for you to try and steer the ship the other way.

I know. It's simplistic. It's idealistic. It also works.


Chris McDaniel said...

Your unicorn-horn is showing again... Heretic!!

Andrew Weaver said...

The balloon makers are nervous.

Ben Young said...

I'm so far gone from accepting the norm shrugging my shoulders seems out there!

One of my assumptions is you are always wrong, whatever way it has been done before is wrong but you have the opportunity to be less wrong than everyone else....